eCom Training: 
How to Generate $10k/day Revenue with Facebook Ads
Want to learn how to scale your traffic & revenue from Facebook ads? I'll reveal the tactics I used so you can easily replicate my results!
* Get ready to take notes and action, this is not for bystanders!
What You'll Learn In This Training Session:
1. How to structure and organize a winning Facebook account
The account structure Jack used to grow eCom ad accounts to over $10k/day spends.
2. How to create ads that convert and return huge ROAS
The ad copy and creative tactics Jack uses to get 10x ROAS on remarketing and 4x ROAS on prospecting.
3. How to leverage contests to scale & get viral growth
Build a huge top of the funnel traffic machine with sub $0.20 CPC's & leads to fuel your remarketing and scale your account.
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